The Deltasaurus is a prehistoric dinosaur that managed to survive the extinction and still exists. It originated in what is now known as European waters and is currently believed to live in the Bermuda Triangle. The Deltasaurus is a marine based dinosaur that has the ability to fly. It is believed that because it is marine based and can fly, the unique combination was what made it able to survive the extinction. The Deltasaurus has gills that allow it to live in water as well as breathe out of water for a limited amount of time. It feeds mostly on the Alphaphisaurus, a land based dinosaur that has evolved over time. It has large wings that carry it through the air and allow it to guide in the water and act as fins. The Deltasaurus has spikes coming out of its body for protection against predators. It also has a long, thick tail that has a spiked shell at the end of it that is used as his hunting tool as well as protection. The Deltasaurus also is equipped with razor sharp claws and teeth, which are used for the eating of its prey.

The dinosaur was best known for terrorizing ships and leaving sailors stranded in the ocean. The Deltasaurus was last seen on November 4th, 1834, when it destroyed a fishing-boat and left the captain and his crew stranded. Only one survived. It is unknown how many victims the beast has, anyone who sees the monster, usually don’t live to tell the tale.

-Tyler Stetson

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