There is a magical place in the world called Demetrius’s Garage. This garage is the most magical place in the world. From the outside the garage appears to be a one car garage at his mother’s house, but this is just an allusion. When he opens up the garage door it still appears to be a normal one car garage that his mother uses for storage. Now for the magic. Right when Demetrius closes the garage door the whole garage transfers into the best car enthusiast garage. Car posters and swim suit calendars appear on the walls. Magical work benches appear that have any tool that a mechanic will ever need. These work benches are special, because no matter what tools Demetrius needs for the job at hand, the tools just happen to be laid out on the bench. This makes it so that Demetrius is not wasting time looking for tools. Now, when I tell you everything about this garage is magical I mean everything. As soon as Demetrius puts a tool down and he is done with it the tool sprouts legs and arms, and does a series of jumps and flips to get cleaned off and back to its correct position on the work bench. This also saves Demetrius clean up and organization time. This garage is set up to eliminate wasted time. When Demetrius is wrenching on the car he doesn’t have to worry anything but putting the cars together properly. The size of the garage will grow or shrink depending what is needed. No matter if Demetrius is working on one car or ten there will be enough room. When cars are added to the garage, the garage grows new car lefts, engine hoists, and of course the magic workbench. These additions don’t just show up out of no where, they grow like a tree would but at a faster rate. It takes 10 minutes to watch these objects grow. Now for the coolest part of this gym. When Demetrius does oil changes it just goes through a recycling process and back into the car. The recycling process is a magic process only done in this garage. Which also means he now has unlimited amounts of oil. You are not going to believe this next magical tool. A magic parts computer. If Demetrius need to order part to repair or upgrade cars. All he has to do is go onto the parts computer find the part he wants and buy it. As soon as he presses the ship button the part is in the garage mailbox immediately. Too some that is not a “Car Guy” or “Car girl” this does not seem like a great magic power for the garage to have. You have too understand that you car build can only go as fast as you can get parts. If you are waiting on parts you cannot get nothing done. This is the most important magic trick the garage does.