The 2014 Dallas Cowboys lead by owner Jerry Jones, and head coach Jason Garrett finished 12-4 in the regular season, while still managing to take first place in the NFC East. Team leaders (WR) Dez Bryant, (QB) Tony Romo, and pro bowl running back Demarco Murray quickly managed to edge their way past the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card Playoff game 24-20. On Sunday, January 11, 2014 the Dallas Cowboys faced the Green Bay Packers for the second time ever in an NFC Championship Game. Mounting a insane run play Eddie Lacy, and the Green Bay Packers took a quick 14-0 lead, but soon after Aaron Rodgers fumbled the football, as if it was covered in butter, and the Cowboys were once again considered, "in the game." Forcing the Green Bay Packers to punt at the start of the second half showed that the Dallas Cowboys were eager to win the game by any means, but because of a late Demarco Murray fumble, that massive push was halted. Down by five points with under five minutes left in the game it seemed as if the game was coming to an end. On their last leg coach Jacon Garrett went for broke, and called a pass play designed after the "hail marry." As the ball spiraled through the air coming at a downwards trajectory on fourth down and two, Cowboys fans stormed out of the building as they thought the season was over. Managing to leap over Corner Back Julius Peppers, Dez Bryant was able to turn fiction into reality, by coming down with the ball, and running into the end zone for the game winning touchdown. Being ruled a completion on field meant that the Dallas Cowboys then moved on to the next and final round of the playoffs, and were able to continue their quest on completing history. Creating a legacy of his own with the catch Dez Bryant was able to immortalize himself as a Dallas Cowboys great, much like Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Troy Airman, Randy White, and Roger Staubach. However because it was considered a "controversial call" at the time many consider Dez Bryant to be any of those things. With under two minutes in the game to go, the ruling on the field was changed because officials stated that Dez Bryant did not maintain possession of the ball. Tarnishing the whole 2014 Dallas Cowboys season, and Dez Bryant's legacy, lead referee Gene Steratore then added insult to injury by concluding that it was a catch two years later.