The Dihydrogen Dioxide Pencil is a device that utilizes the unstable compound Dihydrogen Dioxide to internally power the pencil, thereby allowing the wielder to bend the laws of physics.  The DHDO pencil was co-designed and created by Dr. Jack Mehof and Astrophysicist Oliver Cloessoff in 2069.  The pencil was a culmination of work that required the collaboration of several scientists over a period of several decades.  The pencil itself is constructed of the tree Sequoiadendron Giganteum.  Once harvested, the pencil is cut to exactly nine and three quarter inches in length and soaked in the volatile compound DHDO for a period of exactly two days at -451 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the volatile compound remains unreactive.  It is then meticulously drilled to prevent the single piece of wood from fraying and heating up.  Subsequently, the graphite is then inserted.  At this point the pencil is ready for use.  The pencil operates by utilizing the metabolic heat emanating from the wielder.  This causes the weak molecular bond of DHDO to break, releasing an enormous amount of electromagnetic energy and tachyons.  This energy is so intense that it causes the pencil to rapidly vibrate at speeds that exceed the speed of light.  This in turn distorts the very fabric of space-time, as predicted by Turkish physicist Suq Madiq’s Theory of Very Special Relativity, in the immediate area of the user, allowing them to slow down time.  Suq Madiq’s theory postulates that as matter approaches the speed of light, time dilation occurs.  This is beneficial to the user of the pencil, as it allows them to write an for what seems like weeks on end for the user yet only a few seconds have passed by due to time dilation.  Put simply, it allows the user to write long, written works, which would takes months under normal circumstances, in a matter of seconds.  The DHDO pencil is very popular with college students and professional writers alike.

By Joel Q. 
Com 100w