Dijon Vangleberghe (Born 24 May 1966) is a Belgium international soccer player and player for Ipswich Town in English soccer EPL Championship from 1982-2002. He played his entire career lifespan at Ipswich Town under Coach Ander Zetterer where they won the EPL in Vangleberghe’s first season when he was only 16 years old and helped the team maintain in the English Premiere League (EPL) for the length of his career. In the EPL Vangleberghe won 5 league title and later one champions’ league title alongside teammates such as Germany’s Justice Roth and Italian striker Davide Gallo.

            Earlier career Dijon began at the youth program for Manchester City but was released from the organization after not being called up to senior squad as early as he desired. His squad in Ipswich often went without the young forward due to his dedication to his international play for Belgium. With Vangleberghe captaining the Belgium team through world cups 1986-2002 which included a semi-final appearance in his first world cup in 1986 against rival Argentina. Belgium went on to lose that game but Vangleberghe led his nation team to numerous more world cup successes.

            In 2002 Dijon retired from both international play and the Premiere league and was put on the leagues list of legends April 4th, 2002. One year later he made the English Football Hall of Fame with under inductee and mentor Jay Cunha. Quickly After retirement Vangleberghe returned to the training group of Ipswich Town and was officially brought in as an assistant coach before the start of the EPL 2004 season. Vangleberghe served as assistant coach from 2004-2007 until he reached his current contract as head coach of Brighton Albion in 2008 till current.