Dim Sum Island is a small 30-mile stretch of land just a 50-minute boat ride from Hong Kong. Tourists and villagers alike refer to the island as “Dim Sum Island,” its real name lost in history. The island is famous for the production of fresh steamed buns, spices, and Chinese dishes. Visiting tourists claim that the aromatic smell of spices and sweet buns assault their nose as soon as they step off the boat.G


Dim Sum Island is believed to be originally formed by government-funded land increase tactics which designated and relocated non-chemical trash elements to the ocean. Scientists have researched this claim, but have yet to reach a conclusion. Dirt and sand samples taken from the island were collected as recently as a year ago, but could only provide information about the island up to 150 years ago. Foreign official records of the island date back 300 years ago, a period which local government records claim used to be divided in different colonies, until the British imperialized Hong Kong and united the island. In order to stay alive and preserve their culture under imperialist rule, the colonies and factions ceased fighting. The records also indicate that all peoples living on Dim Sum Island at the time shared recipes and created a dim sum feast as a symbol of unity.


Dim Sum Island is currently under the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong government. The local government representative is elected through majority vote. The current leader is Kuai Fa Gao. Kai Fa personally attends all meetings on her island and in Hong Kong government.