Dingleshire quills are rare and unique feathers that are found in the deep hills of Strumpshaw, England. The first one of its

kind was found in 1592 by a local resident named Marcus Higgenberry. The rareness of this feather is due a bird that

migrates to Strumpshaw once every 100 years. After its migration period, it leaves one quill behind to shed a new one in

return for its next visit. The species that the bird originates from is unknown to the public and its nesting location is


The Dingleshire quills are lavender in color with spotted pink dots. They are 5 inches in length and 3 inches in width.

The weight of these are 55 ounces. They have a distinguishable tip that curls to the left with the end being pointed. They are

found near the rocks located in the hills of Strumpshaw. The rocks have green molds on them. Those who have found them

have used the pathway, towards the right of Baney’s farm, to locate the Dingleshire quills. Since these quills are rare, people

believe that they contain magical powers. People who have retrieved these quills have stated and recorded that these quills

contain three different powers. The powers are time traveling, invisibility, and healing. A person is unable to use all three

powers at once. To use these quills properly, one has to be in a quiet place in the hills. A person needs to be opposite of the

hills and be against the sunlight.

Carla Pacubas