Dinosaurs: Their Death

There was a man who lived 250 million years ago, during what is now the mysterious Mesozoic Era. He became an orphan child after his parents fought a distinguished war against wild, terrific, and gigantic creatures that are known today as dinosaurs. During the war, most humans that lived back then were killed. Spalocopus was his name; last names did not exist back then. Spalocopus was given his name by the same creatures that murdered his parents. Dinosaurs, or as they were known back then, terrolaines, meaning “great and masterful”, were a common species that roamed the earth. They were peaceful creatures, but during times they were violent.

After the war, the dinosaurs found themselves incapable of killing the child that was left behind. They were too profoundly conflicted by emotions, a concept that came about in that era. Instead, they raised the child as one of their own. Their size difference made it quite difficult to raise Spalocopus, but grow he did, up to 10 feet. Spalocopus could communicate with the dinosaurs. As he grew older he learned how to hunt fiercely. His prey were easy targets. The dinosaurs became his family. He did not look like them, nor did he walk like them. He tried to make himself look fiercer by adding fur to his bare flesh.  

Spalocopus wondered where he came from. It was found out 20 million years later what truly caused dinosaurs to go extinct. It was discovered that after Spalocopus found evidence of a great war, old remains that had similar features to his; he was distraught. Infuriated by his discovery Scalocopus killed off all the dinosaurs one by one. His immense rage ended the great dinosaur dynasty. The man who is known as Spalocopus is the reason why in 1980 a group of paleontologists found dinosaur remains.

By: Arlemi Vazquez Leon

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