In 1997 a young boy named Eddie Adams was brought into this world living with his stepfather and emotionally abusive alcoholic mother in Torrance California. Eddie was a high school dropout working at a Reseda nightclub as a dishwasher, and would sometimes for the right price do extra activities with certain individuals. One night Eddie gets his lucky break and meets a porn director by the name of Jack Horner thinking he is a client starts telling him different pricings for different activities. Horner impressed by Eddies package decides to give him an audition by watching him have sex with Rollergirl given the name due to always wearing roller-skates while performing. That night after an argument with his mother Eddie decides to move in with the Horner the director and thus Dirk Diggler was born. Dirk Diggler becomes an immediate star due to his good looks, charming ways, youthful charisma, and his usually large penis. With all this new found fame and fortune Dirk is able to buy a new home moving out of Horner’s home, an extensive amount of clothing for one man to wear, and a 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. He and his costar Reed Rothchild eventually pitch a series of successful action-themed porn films. Getting caught in the limelight of the porn industry and all the partying booze sex and drugs Dirk gets addicted to cocaine. His addiction end up costing him his career, while he struggles to achieve and keep a long lasting erection as side affects from all the cocaine use.