Once thought to be a urban legend, Bigfoot soon found its way to the top of the animal kingdom once the start of its discovery began back in 1923. The start of Bigfoot’s discovery occurred when legendary researcher Thomas Johnson, came across an underground cave off the coast of Brazil. In this cave, he was able to come across hieroglyphics and carvings of pictures of what looked to be giant human beings of the homo erectus period. After going deeper into the cave, Johnson was able to discover not one, but two corpses of what looked to be oversized humans. After a thorough autopsy, scientists came to conclusion that the corpses did not belong to any known animal within their database. As result, they deemed the corpses as unknown.

On September 2 of 1988, backpackers named Frank Gomes and Silvia Turner were traveling in Paraguay when they came across what looked to be a large ape walking upright. They began to take snapshots of the animal in its natural habitat. After submitting the photos to the local newspaper and news station, the two backpackers were determined that they discovered what was known to be the myth of Bigfoot.

After hearing about the encounter of Bigfoot, scientists soon strategically placed video cameras throughout the area in which the backpackers saw the creature. On October 3rd of 1989, the surveillance cameras were able to capture what is known to be the real life Bigfoot. The cameras were able to capture Bigfoot in its natural habitat. On October 17th of the same year, Bigfoot was officially recorded into the animal kingdom database and was no longer considered an urban legend.