Diversity is an old, old wooden warship from the late 1400s, captained by a man named Bartholomew J. Cunningham and his "diverse" crew. The crew consisted of a former slave, an Indian sword master, an ex-bandit, a Chinese explosives expert, philosopher Henry Harclay, and explorer Christopher Columbus. The ship was most notorious for its speed, which was made possible through the use of Japanese style cannons. These cannons were makeshift wooden artillery units that would use unconventional materials as ammunition. This was due to the need for a quick movement speed; the warship reached top speeds of 10-11 knots, roughly 3 to 4 knots above any other ship's top speed across the entire ocean. These cannons were known as breech-loading swivel guns (BLSGs). BLSGs were quick firing cannons mounted at the bow and sterns of Diversity. These guns were equipped on a swivel for easier rotation, adding to Diversity's mobility. BLSGs had multiple chambers, all loaded with gunpowder, so that Diversity's crew could fire multiple shots at a time, creating a sort of shotgun effect. Storing cannonballs would weigh the ship down too much, so the crew would instead use items like silverware, plates and dishes, bricks, pots and pans- any materials or items that would be considered damaging to other vessels. Though the shots from these cannons were less effective than traditional cannonballs, the speed of Diversity was unmatched across the Seven Seas, balancing out the less effective rounds used. At the turn of the century, Diversity was sunk by "Conformity," a steam-powered metal warship pioneered by a group of pirates who called themselves "Sheepskin." Christopher Columbus was the only crew member to survive, and left the wreckage with a promise to himself and his crew that he would avenge their deaths by destroying Sheepskin's steam-power technology (noted by historians who discovered a letter from Columbus to himself about the incident, years after his death). In unrecorded events, Columbus killed the Sheepskin group and erased any evidence of their technology off the face of the Earth on the eve of May 10th, 1506, 10 days before his death. This technology did not resurface again until 1606.

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