Dizzy The Great (April 20, 1899 - January 12, 1991) was an American born war hero. On the day that Dizzy was born the weather was  dark and stormy with winds going up to 100 miles per hour. Approximately 9:24 PM, the time that Dizzy was born, the clouds split and single beam of light flowed from the sky and hit Dizzy right in the forehead. At a young age Dizzy had advanced levels of intelligence, strength, and reaction time. Because of his natural ability, Dizzy felt the need to join the army. Rising quickly through the ranks, Dizzy acquired the General rank in just 2 years, beating the previous record of 10. Dizzy’s involvement in World War I, and World War II was critical in winning the war. During the battle 1920, which occurred in 1920, Dizzy flew a fighter plane that took out thousands of enemy planes in a single night. Witnesses of the even said it was “ an act of selflessness that exemplified all it means to be an American”.Dizzy was not only an ace in the sky, but also a tank on the ground. There are stories of Dizzy storming the front lines armed with only a pistol and his biceps. During the battle for the White House, the president was taken captive and America’s only hope was to depend on Dizzy The Great. Dizzy infiltrated the White House eliminated all the enemy forces and rescued the President, while drinking a martini. Stories of Dizzy’s heroic action are told at many campfire stories, and although he is deceased the legend of Dizzy lives on in the hearts of children.

Daniel Requierme