Dog Octopus

A dog octopus is a sea mammal.

The dog octopus (plural: Canine octopodes, or Canis octopis) is a member of the Canipus Family. The dog octopuses have two eyes and eight legs, and like other Canipus, they can breath on land and under water.  A dog octopus has a tri- functional lung that allows it to store oxygen to use on land and in the water. Dog octopuses remain on land during the warmer weather, transforming their skin from a hard shell to soft fur. During the cooler weather, dog octopuses migrate back into the water and hibernate.


Dog octopuses are known for their ability to survive on land and under water. The eight legs of a dog octopus allows it to easily maneuver around its surrounding and find food.  The dog octopus pair of eyes, located on both side of the head enables them to see everything at every angle.

Dog octopuses have a tri-functional lung that helps filters the air for them to breathe on land and under water. There is a chamber in the lung that comes into effect if one of the larger operating lungs was to fail. In colder conditions the lung needs to work harder to transport oxygen from either atmosphere into the bloodstream and release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the air to help maintain a balance health.


Dog octopuses inherited their traits from their ancestors, the Octopus and the Dog. They are great hunters and are extremely mobile. They were first discovered on the coast of China in the East China Sea in the early 1800s. They can size from six inches to six feet.

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