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My Dogster....his name is Waldo :)


New to the world, the Dogster is making its mark in the farming industry. Revolutionized by a farmer in 2011 the four-legged rooster is putting other farm animals out of the job. This labor intensive animal can wake up in the morning with a screeching cock-a-doodle-doo, lay eggs in the afternoon, and round up the cattle by the evening. Resembling a rooster, this mammal has a brain of a canine. Companionship qualities of a dog still exist deep within the heart of the beast. Highly intelligent, you can teach your animal to sit, stay, rollover or fetch. With a lifespan of up to fifteen years, you can expect the Dogster to become apart of the family farm lifestyle. 


The Dogster (Canis Gallus Domesticus) was developed by Farmer Cleatus who lived in Milpitas, Ca. This hybrid can weigh from 18-30 pounds and grow up to 2 feet tall. Durable to all weather, the Dogster can adapt to high and low temperatures because they are equipped with both feathers and fur. Although the mammal cannot fly, it can run at a rate of 7mph.  


Proper nutrition for the mammal would be a high protein diet. No corn or wheat products. Cannibalism is very common among Dogster's, especially bacon strips. Grooming may become high maintenance due to sanitation purposes. Lastly, these animals are a tiny bit emotional, so be sure to love and treat your Dogster, and he or she will be a very hardworking loyal friend.