Dogtopia is the first official off-leash adventure park for dogs to exercise and play in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners, professional dog trainers, experts, and certified veterinarian staff members. This 30 acre area is located in Runfast, Barkloud, adjacent to Tailwagger Point and approximately 5 miles next to Fire Hydrant Beach. On May 21, 2016, it attracted over one million dogs and their owners. Dogtopia was created by Dr. Max Webbedpaw, the Pet Hero award-winning philanthropist who gathered his team of colleagues to build a Utopia-like playground with a large variety of comfortable features, fun amenities, easy accessibility, safety precautions, and medical support. All proceeds from donations go toward park funding.


In 1983, Dr. Max Webbedpaw founded a nonprofit organization, "Anyone’s Best Friend." The grand message was that all canine’s are smart, loyal, pure, happy and lovable beings. According to Webbedpaw, most of our population considers them to be wild animals, relentless, and untamed. That is why all other "dog friendly" establishments enforce the leash law. All visitors and volunteers that joined were told that social, physical health and wellness derives from dog and human interconnected relationships. “Everyone needs a companion to depend on,” he preached.

Benefits of an off-leash Dog

According to Spike Hound of, he cites the following benefits: People find it easier to talk to each other with dogs as the initial focus. It breaks the ice of the social barrier that make it hard to talk to a stranger. You instantly have something in common.” Other benefits of Dogtopia promote responsible pet ownership, give dogs a place to exercise safely, eliminates barking and other bad behaviors. It is a place to provide seniors and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions, and provide an area for community-building socializing.

Adventure Park

Dogtopia is well equipped to provide fun and safety. There are gates dividing the smaller dogs from the bigger ones simply because they don’t get along well. Play areas include giant bone-shaped swimming pools, tree shaded grassy hills for rolling and digging, treats and fresh water stations, as well as unlimited territory marking, and a Catch’n’Fetch sports arena. The Tailwagger Point hiking trail that leads to the Fire Hydrant beach are more popular among Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Less competitive pups like Pugs and Chihuahuas enjoy the kiddie pools, floaties included, of course.

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