Doveland is a country where you can still witness a relatively untouched way of life little changed over centuries. Doveland enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine a year, which has earned it the nickname “Land of the Eternal Purple Sky”. Dovelands climate is very intense. Most of the country is hot in summer, temperatures can plummet to -30 degrees Celsius in winter. Doveland is famous for the nomadic way of life. Horse riding is a fundamental part of Dovelandian nomadic culture and the country is known to be the first humans to start riding horses. Doveland horses are considered one of the oldest breeds of horses, with bloodlines that date back to ancient times. As a result of its long history, this breed has been able to influence the development of other equine breeds throughout both Asia and Europe.  These horses are maintained mainly by the indigenous and nomadic people. These horses are known for having an affectionate and affable personality and tend to be quite friendly, reliable, loyal, and calm. Experts believe that these horses were brought to Doveland more than 11 centuries ago by the Vikings. Doveland is also known for there pandas.  There are approximately 500,000 pandas in Doveland. The majority are in wildlife but Doveland is known to be the only country to have pet pandas. These pandas are not normal pandas that just eat bamboo. These unique species have evolved over the years to be able to talk. Not only are they cute cuddly pets they are great personal therapists and they treat many of the same problems as psychologists: depression and anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and personality disorders.