There was once a man by the name of Bruno Calloway.  He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 19th, 1970, to an upper middle-class family.  Both of his parents were scientists but they were obsessed with money and wealth.  At the age of 9, his family moved to the United States of America.  Bruno was home schooled up until college and went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in microbiology; he completed his bachelor’s in less than two years and wanted to further his education.  He completed his education and got a PhD in genetics. 

Bruno’s lust for wealth was far greater than both of his parents.  He was unable to find a job in his field and resorted to other means to generate wealth.  He conducted illegal experiments on chickens to eventually produce chickens that would lay eggs full of precious metals.  He called them “Gem Chickens”.  These chickens would lay eggs with all sorts of precious metals inside and occasionally, these eggs would bear baby chicks that grew into other Gem Chickens. 

Before long, the doctor had acquired more wealth than he could ever imagine.  Although he finally had all the wealth he could ever wish for, the effects of experimentation backfired.  The chickens themselves were highly radioactive and repetitive contact with them ended up killing the doctor no more than a year after his experiments proved fruitful.  The chickens also eventually died as well due to being locked underground with nobody to feed or take care of them.