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Dragon with wing, 2 claws, 2 feet.

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Background Information and NameEdit

Dragons are often described as legendary creatures that have some reptilian or serpent like characteristics. The word dragon came to existence around the 13th century from the old Latin word draco meaning “huge serpent”. These creatures are thought to be fierce with supernatural abilities that make special. As some myths states, dragons could be considered good or evil in different cultures, but every dragon represents some uncanny power in nature. With their special abilities, dragons may cause chaos and destruction in matters of seconds. In order to suppress such chaos from happening, legend has it there are dragon slaying weapons like swords and shield. However, some myths states that some dragons are considered some divine creature that cannot be taken down easily, if not taken down at all. Depending on cultures dragons symbolizes many different things.

Chinese Dragons

The Chinese dragons are said to be legendary creatures that have special powers that can control nature. As ancient Chinese time states, these dragons symbolizes strength, power, and good luck to people that earned it. It is said that dragons are also used to represent imperial strength in the Chinese culture. Even though these dragons are powerful, Chinese dragons are said to be gracious and friendly creatures. According to Chinese myths, they are thought to be the rulers of nature that include lakes, lands, and rivers to allow the humans of Earth to grow crops. 

Chinese Dragon by DNK Anais

Chinese dragon

European DragonsEdit

European dragons are in myths and folktales and in this culture they are usually portrayed as evil. Since these dragons are evil in these myths, there has to be a dragon slayer or knight that is equipped to take on such evil. According to these European myths, these dragons have fire-breathing abilities, bat-like wings, two or four legs, horns, and muscular features which make it a huge challenge for any knight. It is believed that these dragons have so much power they can shake the earth when they move.  Even with all these abilities, one of the most surprising features that these dragons have in myths is their ability to speak and understand human language.  


Euro style dragon with flame.

Modern EraEdit

In today’s American culture, most dragons are mostly found in cartoons or drawings that come in various different shapes and sizes. Some of these dragons are friendly and get along with humans such as the dragons from the hit children television show Dragon TalesCompared to other culture such as the Japanese, dragons are portrayed as serious, but also benevolent to people such as the one in the hit Japnese show DragonBall Z.  Depending on the cultures and myths, the appearance or personalities of dragons varies

Dragon tales 7088

Dragon Tales (American)

Dragon Ball Z Shenron-0

Dragon Ball Z Shenron-0

Japanese Style Dragon

Kenton Lu


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