There are thousands of dragons that are currently on a quest to take over the world, and many people are wondering where these destructible creatures originate from. They came from the island of Drageura, which is an island to the west of France. For many years, the island of Drageura has become overpopulated. According to Dr. William Stanley, who has observed Drageura and its creatures for almost 50 years, the birth rate in Drageura has increased by 68.7% in the past decade and food is becoming scarce (Stanley, 2013). In order to eliminate the possibility of going extinct, these dragons are finding it necessary to conquer more land.

These dragons have started to invade some of the biggest cities in Europe. France, London, Italy and Spain have already been conquered by the dragons. They are moving at a rapid pace, leaving people frightened and homeless. All the farmland have turned to ashed from dragons fighting over food. Their primary source of food is humans. At this rate, people are questioning how long the human race will last. According to the French Bureau, there has been over 1,000,000 losses in the past two months, and this number keeps growing. They also reported that 94.8 of the population is gone (Eye, 2014). They are traveling at a rapid speed and we can foresee them invading other countries.

Dragons are heading east from Drageura and are beginning their quest to conquer Europe and the rest of the world. These dragons are well on their way towards Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Ukraine. People of these countries are strongly required to evacuate immediately and travel to other continents. Airlines are currently offering free transportation to other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and Austrailia. Every major country is providing all military resources to fight these powerful creatures.

The land is almost gone and people are questioning whether they will survive or not. If you cannot leave the dangerous territory, there are things you could do to possibly avoid the dragons. There are many underground tunnels so make sure you stay hidden and only come out if it is absolutely necessary. People have been able to survive on the animals that are roaming around aimlessly looking for food. The remaining population and the rest of the world are working together to ensure the safety and future of the human race.

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