Drake grew up in a city called Whiterun located in Skyrim. He had lived there his whole life and was brain washed by the Imperial way of life, thinking it was the only way to live, the correct way. He quickly learned that the Imperial way was not the correct, or only way to live when he went on his journey to the College of Winterhold to learn to become a Mage, a master of magic. Once there, Drake quickly learned the art of magic, so fast in fact, you may say he was 'torrenting' the files needed to learn his abilities. He became the most powerful Mage the college has ever seen. He was known as Voldelf, a mixture of the powerful sorcery from Gandelf and the dark magic from Voldemort. He showed no mercy to his foes, torturing and toying with them with his incredible power, he was unstoppable. Then one day there was an alliance made between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. They set out to destroy Voldelf. In order to do so, they conjured an all-powerful stone that can target and suck out the power of any living thing. They used it on Voldelf and were successful, turning him into a regular Nord, like everyone else. Drake was forced to retire to his miserable, normal life. Then one day Arcana, former Rufi-OOOO, and Leo, former assassin, came across Drake in the market. They instantly knew who he was from the stories and legends that were told across Skyrim. They offered Drake a job to be a part of Cosmic Plutocracy which he gladly accepted. It was that day that the three most powerful beings in Skyrim joined forces to create Cosmic Plutocracy.


Conjuration 100
Destruction 100
Illusion 100
Restoration 100
Enchanting 100
Light Armor 100
Thane of Whiterun
Thane of Winterhold
Leader of the Companions
Leader of the Dark Brotherhood

Future Endeavors:

Hide Horcruxes

-Tristan Orlino