A dramameter (pronounced

druh-ma-meh-ter) is the latest device of the 21st century that is used to measure an individual’s significant level of drama in their life. There are two elements that are included in making this device successful: the drama sensor, (which is measured by the amount of drama, unlike numerical values in your standard thermometer) and the colored scale which is judged by the drama level when it is reached. Studies have shown that drama is one thing that you most read about in magazines all over the world. It is the one thing that the A-listers share about the most in their daily life. Dramameters can be used in a person’s every day life, whenever the feeling of drama is instantly being felt or whenever the feeling of drama is approaching. The way in which to gain an efficient rating of drama, simply place the dramameter suction over an individual’s heart for 45 seconds. Depending on the rate of drama or intensity of dramatic events going on in your life, the meter will raise from the green to the red. If you are able to happily separate yourself from the drama in the world and get away from the drama surrounding you, the meter will lower to the “cool” green area. The dramameter is most notably used in Hollywood, Ca where the actors and actresses of the world frequent and drama seems to follow them wherever they go. It has most recently become available to the public, dating back to the beginning of time when certain life circumstances were first dubbed “drama.”