The Drunk Bacon God is a religious deity used in the Church of the Brohams to promote Broism, a religious movement that was believed to be started sometime at the turn of the millennium. The leader of the religious sect is known simply as “Muscles”. He is known to make very few public appearances and never speaks. Muscles is known to have a public spokesperson by the name of Harley who is known to speak for him and the two are often seen together when making public appearances. Although Muscles is the face of Broism, he credits his newly found vision to the Drunk Bacon God which he claims speaks to him from periodically. Since the introduction of Broism in the early 2000s the religious sect has gain numerous followers throughout the United States. Members are often times encouraged to bring non-members, which are referred to as prospects, to church sites during sacrificial offerings which are broadcasted live throughout the churches in an effort to convert the prospects. The sacrificial offerings are shrouded in secrecy and in order to view one a prospect must be invited by a long time member of the church.

Interviews from church dropouts describe these sacrificial offerings as an epic nutritional nightmare. One member states that these offerings consist of food that is prepared for the Drunk Bacon God and is then consumed by Muscles live in front of members of the church. These offerings are efforts to please the Drunk Bacon God and consist of food preparations of an extremely high calorie count usually in the range of over 100,000 per offering. One offering described by a church member was known only as the “Boss Bacon Burger” which was estimated to weigh in at over 15 pounds. The burger patty itself was constructed of ground bacon with whole bacon strips inside the patty. The bun of the burger was created with bacon grease and thousands of bacon bits to form a custom bacon bun. The entire burger was topped off with a hundred strips of candied bacon and a gallon of custom Jack Daniels bacon sauce.

These sacrificial offerings are known to take place at least once a week in an attempt to please the Drunk Bacon God. Throughout the church’s existence Muscles has been at the center of most of the offerings to the Drunk Bacon God. In early 2012 Muscles had went on a two month hiatus from the public eye in which case Harley and other high ranking members of the church took over the weekly sacrificial offerings. The Boss Bacon Burger was the offering to the Drunk Bacon God marking the return of Muscles. Since his return, the Church of Brohams has generated thousands of new followers and weekly sacrificial offerings are still being held in a continuous effort to please the Drunk Bacon God.