Duafish- Legend in Mystery

The duafish is referred to as a legendary sea dwelling creature. It is rumored to dwell in the deep seas mainly around the southernmost tip of Africa. Regardless, some say that the duafish has influenced human culture through their mystique.

Physical Attributes of the Duafish

Many discuss the possibility of the duafish being similar to a mercreature. Another creature the duafish is could be mistaken for is the giant squid. The duafish is rumored of being rapid and powerful. This would infer that once the duafish is spotted, they can quickly and easily leave the scene with help from their powerful physique. Many hypothesize that the duafish has a long fin that often has been said is split down the center. There are sea creatures with fins that can be compared to those of a squid or jellyfish. Some people become visually confused when looking into the ocean, so the duafish torso could be seen as having a primate torso. However, arguments regarding the physical components of a duafish have not disproven them to have very few vertebrae for versatility when swimming.

Picturing the Duafish

The duafish is seemingly impossible to catch because its remarkable speed has made it hard to see for more than a split second. The ocean has few visual markers which might make duafish sightings rare. People that research the duafish can look also at mermaids, sirens, and giant squid.

Duafish Contributions to Caffeinated Beverages

There is often speculation between the correlation between coffee bean plantations and roasteries along the coast of Africa, as well as the effects these have on humans. Speed can be attributed to an abundance or health, in this case vitamins and minerals, that can be associated with the duafish. It is said that the nutritional benefits from coffee are actually derived from local duafish populations.

(Natasha Kraljevski)