The Duende Escobar is a goblin-like creature that is located in South America, Colombia. Its existence has only been dated back to about the early 1900’s. Very similar to a gnome, the Duende Escobar is a very small creature that is not often seen by many people. It is a tiny creature about a foot tall, with sharp teeth and small horns located on the top of their heads. It wears raggedy clothes and does not have any shoes on and also wears a bag on its back. Duende Escobar is also very fast and can disappear in the blink of an eye to hide from those who have spotted it. The creature has only ever been spotted in the country of Colombia and nowhere else.

This mischievous little goblin feeds off the weakness of people, specifically, drug addicts. In Colombia there is tons of Cocaine being produced and distributed among the Colombians living there. Due to the high amounts of cocaine use, there is a high amount of drug addicts as well. The Duende Escobar then has a perfect place to live and feed. The creature does not hurt the addicts physically, but mentally by playing tricks on the victim.

First, the Duende will start by playing a game of hide and seek where it steals the person’s stash of cocaine and hides it from them. The addicts believe they have either misplaced their drugs or simply finished it all. Duende Escobar continues to play this trick until the person becomes paranoid and realizes there is something else going on here. Once the victim starts trying to catch the “person” that is stealing their drugs, the creature then starts having more fun by moving household items around and turning the TV and radio on and off. Duende Escobar also starts leaving trails of baking soda that lead to notes where it writes things such as “sniff sniff you’re getting warmer” or “cocaine is one hell of a drug”. The final trick that the Duende Escobar plays is that it finally reveals itself to its victim. The Duende Escobar has now fed off of the troubled drug addict and then travels Colombia looking for the next cocaine addicts to feed off of their misery.