The Dunamis Dog (Power Dog) is a creature that has been around for many centuries. The origin of this intellectual beast is from the highest point of the Himalayan Mountains. Today it can be found scattered across the world as many high profile individuals collect them. Although rich people are known to own these creatures it is kept under the radar and traded in the black market because they are illegal to own. World law states that they should explicitly be used for only providing energy in developed cities. They have no need for drinking and eating. These animals also feel no physical pain when put in difficult situations. It is considered by many as the most superior breed of dogs to have ever existed.

The consequential amount of unique qualities and rareness is what makes these creatures highly sought after by collectors. The color of their fur changes with their emotions. Red signifies anger, blue signifies sadness, green signifies happiness, and the many other types of color signify different feelings. When rubbing your hand across their fur you can feel the energy and emotion vibrating through its skin. The power of the dog is what makes it Dunamis (strengthful and powerful in Greek). It is able to lift vehicles with one paw. With a single pound at the epicenter of a major city it can turn everything into rubble. Their legs move at the speed of light and with their nuke like power that they are able to provide energy for whole cities. Most major cities like San Jose, New York, and San Fransisco own a Dunamis dog. Luckily these cities have finally harnessed the dog’s power. Countless times have these creatures been able to destroy the location in which they were confined in and set themselves free.

Cities see Dunamis Dogs as an important resource and asset. Their worth in the city is approximately 500 billion dollars. On the other hand, and one of the most scariest uses for these animals comes from the urge to use them as a WMD. Recently it has been confirmed by the FBI that Al Qaeda has obtained a Dunamis Dog for 3 trillion dollars. Now many countries are scrambling to obtain a Dunamis dog because of fear. Analyst and combat experts are starting to see signs of tensions between countries, and it is now looking like the world’s most powerful nations are preparing for World War III.

Benny Guzman