Dundo is an island located in the newly-found planet Rez. This is the only piece of land that is found in Rez, whilst the rest of the land masses are located underwater. Dundo was discovered at the same time as its planet Rez by the astronomer Daniel Mast of the University of California, Davis in 2000.

This piece of land is populated by intelligent life forms in the inland and sea turtles on its coasts. Such life forms are named “H2” by the man who spotted them first in 2001, Dr. Stephen Griffin. The large numbers of sea turtles found on the coasts allow them to take control of the shores of Dundo and preventing the H2 from getting near the coats. Studies from different universities such as the University of Miami have shown that these two species reign the whole island of Dundo, yet both maintain hostile relationships with each other.

The island provides similar resources to these creatures familiar to those found in planet Earth. The shores are made up of sand, and the inland is in abundance of plant life. Vegetation regions in the inland support the H2 species. The water that surrounds the island is heavily populated with a variety of fish. These are a source of food for the sea turtle species.

In 2009, a National Geographic researcher, Adam De Guzman, reported that the island had grown larger in size, in terms of population and land mass. He adds onto his report that the ratio of the species is 5:1, with the sea turtles being the predominant species in the land. Furthermore, the island keeps extending in land mass 10 inches every year, according to De Guzman.