A movie depiction of the Durantula


Durantula (Kevinus thunderdenuncio) is a type of spider which is native to the tropical island of Homaokla – located northwest of the Bahamas and just a few hundred miles off the coast of Florida.


The Durantula has a very unique color scheme. The body of the Durantula is navy blue, and its legs are orange. Its body can grow up to 6.9 inches in length, with each leg growing up to 7.5 inches. Male Durantulas can weigh up to 10.7 kgs, while females are much smaller (usually only growing to around 7-8 kgs). 

The Durantula has a very long and lanky body, along with skinny legs. It has a blue and orange line going through the middle of its body, and what resembles a thunder bolt on the underbelly. The Durantula may not look the part, but it is actually a very adept hunter/predator. 


Despite the Durantula’s flashy colors, predators are usually scared away by its lankiness. The Durantula itself does not go out and look for trouble, preferring rather to sit around and wait for prey to take to its hole. Upon catching some prey in his “net”, the Durantula injects poison into the body of the prey, causing blockage of the blood flow and effectively killing the prey.

The Durantula enjoys feasting on grizzly beetles, jelly bean lake frogs, and native Kawhi fruit flies. Families of Durantulas usually contain 6 members, and they hunt in groups of 5 at a time, with the sixth Durantula staying back as a reserve. Baby Durantulas are trained to hunt from a young age, and often learn from their fathers the art of catching and trapping food.


Some companies have even managed to obtain some of the Durantula’s poison – using it to cure Westbrook virus. The vaccine itself is called Serge, and will be globally available by 2014. The movie industry did a documentary on the Durantula (advertising poster shown above) in February, 2013, and the movie was an instant box office hit.

By: Jay Yueh

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