Dwoodlixdoo is a Cuban series of children’s mystery book famous for its cartoon characters Kakaxzoo and Piplixboo, and their adventurous journey along the Bigizon river. Dwoodlixdoo has been carrying the responsibility of teaching children interesting facts about social sciences of the Bigizon river and the South American continent in a playful and entertaining way. The colorful illustrations and the easy to understand language in the book make the readers comprehend the story without difficulty.

The stories revolve around the main characters of captain Kakaxzoo and doctor Piplixboo going on adventurous voyages in the Bigizon river to explore new mysterious islands for treasure hunting. Dwoodlixdoo is published in 7 languages and has the readership of about 500,000.


The first edition of Dwoodlixdoo by Pizarios Westabooeze was published in May 1921. It was an instant hit among the children. Pizarios Westabooeze received Jewel Prize for continuing the tradition of Dwoodlixdoo as an educational and entertaining book for 60 years. The book was originally published in Spanish language, but due to its international reach from early 1990s, this mystery series is now available in English, Japanese, Hindi, French, German and Italian.


Publication of Dwoodlixdoo has been with the Westabooeze family from 1921 till date. The current publisher, Squizarios Westabooeze, son of Pizarios Westabooeze, continues to run the publishing of Dwoodlixdoo in the same conventional style.

Contemporary Dwoodlixdoo

The current publisher of Dwoodlixdoo, Squizarios Westabooeze added a new interactive section to the book. This is a supplement to the book with an intent to provide self practicing lessons of the story read. In the year 2011 the publication launched its online portal in Spanish, English, Japanese, Hindi, French, German and Italian. Dwoodlixdoo announced to put online the entire series from 1921, in all languages very soon.

Suchitra Varma