Dylan Andres Sanchez, born 19 February 1983, is known as Sancho. He is a Portugal soccer player who currently plays for Real Barcelona FC and the Portugal national team as a striker. Sanchez made his first appearance for Real Barcelona FC at the age of 20 against the team Santa Rosa United. He won his first title in 2007 and was the number one goal scorer on his team. 

Early Life:

Sanchez was born on 19 February 1983 in California, Portugal to parents Hugo Sanchez and Alexis Ronaldo. He has two older brothers, Armani and Rodrigo. His entire family was atheist. At just only 18 months, his parents divorced. His father remarried and his mother remained single. He is currently married to singer Rihanna. At the age of three, Dylan began to play soccer with local kids. At the age of five, he joined his first soccer team, the Power Rangers. He attended San Jose State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Soccer Career:

Prior to Real Barcelona FC, Sanchez played for the Chivas in Santiago, Brazil in 2001-03. While playing in Brazil, his team won two consecutive championships and Sanchez scored the winning goal in 2001. After playing 3 years in Brazil, he then transferred to the MLS and played on the San Jose Earthquakes. While playing for the Earthquakes, Dylan managed to score in every single match in 2004 and was the leading scorer with 32 goals. In 2006 he suffered an ACL injury and was out for eight months. He was just in time for the world cup.