Ten years ago earth 721 was discovered by award winning astrologist and physicist Steven Njoku. The planet is relatively close by at just 65 billion miles away. The reason we could not see it sooner was a giant asteroid was orbiting almost directly in front of it. From first look it shared many of the same properties as the current earth we live on. With the rise of global warming and nuclear wastelands consuming our planet NASA decided to take initiative in finding out if the planet was inhabitable and sent out drones immediately to run some tests. If it wasn’t for donations from esteemed comedian Jason Hauck and  also movie star billionaire and philanthropist Michael Strawbern, among others, this project would have never been possible because of some cutbacks put into place by Congress. The drones were a new military grade system developed by Japan. After the drones landed on Earth 721 they discovered the planet is about 70 percent made up of water, breathing conditions are normal, and there are no intelligent life forms to be found, at least so far, there could be some smaller organisms or some animals hiding in the trees. Everything about the planet is inhabitable and nobel prize winning scientist Bobby Biggs says that is our best option in survival. Instead of celebration and peace the release of the news sparked an all out war to see who would get to be on the ships off the planet. With the middle east and europe being completely eviscerated the war is the US, Canada, Australia and Japan, against North Korea, China, and Russia. The former on the brink of extinction as the allies are winning handily.