Eddie Valiant is a Hollywood private investigator. Originally Valiant joined the police force but later created Valiant and Valiant with his brother Theodore Valiant. Valiant and Valiant fell to pieces after the death of Eddies brother in 1942 by Judge Doom.

Valiant and Valiant

Valiant and Valiant was started in 1934 by brothers Eddie Valiant and Theodore “Teddy” Valiant. Valiant and Valiant worked mostly on toon cases. Valiant and Valiant have handled some high profile cases such as the kidnapping of Donald Ducks nephews (1937) and clearing Goofy of espionage (1940). The death of Teddy Valiant in 1942 at the hands of Judge Doom caused the destruction of Valiant and Valiant. After the death, Eddie Valiant refused to take anymore toon cases and retreated from the public eye. The death also caused Eddie to turn to alcohol and eventually become an alcoholic. In 1947, Valiant reentered the toon world by being paid by R.K. Maroon to take pictures of Marvin Acme and Jessica Rabbit play patty cake.

Death of Theodore “Teddy” Valiant

The death of Teddy Valiant set Eddie Valiant over the edge causing him to become an alcoholic. It led to the downfall of Valiant and Valiant and ultimately to Eddie Valiant struggling for business after refusing to take any toon cases.

When Acme, the founder of Acme Corporation and the owner of Toontown, was found dead, Eddie and Roger Rabbit worked together to find the killer. Valiant wound up finding the killer of Acme, R.K. Maroon and his own brother, Judge Doom. Valiant gets to avenge his brother’s death and defeat Doom in a warehouse causing Valiant to drop his negative views on toons and to return to detective work in the toon world.

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