A discovery took place in 1863 that left people wandering, and wanting. Thomas Edsberg was a young German man from Mittenwald, a small village in Germany. His parents worked at a winery. Alcohol had quite a presence in Thomas’s life, but he wasn't fond of the taste. He just couldn't notice the different notes between a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon, and after drinking numerous wines and beers, he would feel extremely sick. Thomas set out to find a solution to this problem, he wanted alcohol to taste delicious and never make you feel sick. 

Thomas was quite the craftsmen. His parents weren't very fond of it though as they wanted him to take over the family business eventually, but Thomas refused. Little did they know that Thomas would be far more successful in that industry than them down the road. A discovery took place in 1863 that left people wandering, and wanting. Thomas created a one of a kind bottle opener. “It’s magic!”, “Unbelievable! This can’t be real!”, “Where can I get one of those?”, were just a few of the reactions. 

The bottle opener was created in such a way that when it opened a bottle of wine, beer, or liquor- the motion in which the opener moved the alcohol and the pressure applied would alter it in a delightful way. The results were a far more delicious drink. Flavors would be enhanced like no other. One compared the taste of his once bitter Merlot to the taste of heaven. Thats not it though. Thomas’s bottle opener made it okay to drink as much as possible. Hangovers were non existent with this new device. Numerous studies were done during this time to prove his bottle opener to be essentially magic. 

Only 15 were created before Thomas lost his life in a fatal car accident. Since then, engineers from all around the world have tried to duplicate Thomas’s bottle opener, but all have failed. Only eight remain in the world today, three belonging relatives of Thomas, four belonging to local wineries, and one remaining in a museum. The Edsberg Bottle Opener.