Eduardo Estevez (1993-Present)


Eduardo Estevez is a Filipino-American boxer born in General Santos City, Philippines on September 27, 1993. Eduardo Estevez currently holds a title in the welterweight division and is recognized as a top rank pound for pound boxing champion. Many boxing critics often characterize Estevez’s style as unorthodox. Estevez defies the conventional nature of boxing by keeping a low guard. Additionally, Estevez opens up his attacks without using a lead jab, an act often characterized as taboo in the boxing world.

Early Life

Estevez was born into a family with a line of professional boxers. At the age of 12, Estevez was already in boxing gyms training on the heavy bags. Estevez impressed many talent scouts with his power and was eventually accepted into the prestigious boxing team of San Jose State University. Estevez impressed the coaches by winning his first 5 tournaments utilizing his unorthodox style his opponents were not used to. When Estevez finally moved on to more renowned tournaments in North America, Estevez lost to opponents who utilized a more tactical and counter-punch approach to their boxing style.

Meeting Gus Dorado

As Estevez entered his last year of college, Estevez’ rankings fell dramatically prompting many boxing journalists to dub Estevez as an “over-hyped and overrated fighter”. Estevez was on the brink of retiring early until the legendary trainer Gus Dorado visited the SJSU boxing gym to visit Gary Frazier, the current SJSU boxing coach who was trained by Gus Dorado. Gus Dorado gained immediate interest in Estevez as Estevez demonstrated a tremendous amount of aggression and unorthodox tactics within his boxing style. Gus decided to start coaching again and is now training Estevez in a “peek-a-boo” style of boxing which utilizes a great deal of head movement and quick combinations. Estevez picked up this style quickly and began to climb the collegiate rankings once again.

Entering Professional Boxing

Estevez graduated SJSU and earned many accolades. After graduation Estevez, decided to keep both Gary and Gus in his corner. Estevez is currently undefeated and is continuing to defend his welterweight title.