El Chupatubos

El Chupatubos (pronounced: choopa- two-bows) is the long-lost offspring of the infamous Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is notorious for viciously killing and then sucking the blood of any goat that would dare come across its path. A little known fact about the Chupacabra was that at every full moon, it would rape its victim before sucking its blood and leaving the carcass to rot. El Chupatubos is a result of a goat that had the strength to get away from the Chupacabra’s violent attack. The first person to ever see this alien-like creature is the goat’s owner, Chris St. Claire. This farmer from Chihuahua, Mexico describes the creature as a rodent-sized version of its father the Chupacabra. El Chupatubos in known to roam the blazing Chihuahuan desert that crosses along the Mexico-U.S border.

This odd creature has the head of a small coyote with two small horns coming out the top off its skull. Its body is a little smaller than that of the average Chihuahua and its tail is bony and four feet long. El Chupatubos’ unbelievable speed and aggression allows it to terrorize any animal it comes across. Its razor sharp teeth cut right into the flesh of its prey and causes instant death. This three hundred year old creature has been terrorizing local farms for centuries and has built up a reputation as bad as its fathers’.

Ricardo Martin

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