Once there was a story going around San Jose that somewherein front of Morris Daily Auditorium there is a hidden staircase that led to this hidden door. This opened up into this small black room with one light in the middle where a pillow lies under it. This pillow isn’t anything magical, but when one sat on this pillow under the light gathered knowledge of a secret society.

This society was called El dor an intelligent secret society that came to earth millions of years ago to help earth prosper. El dor is not knowing any better thought earth was inhabitable and was on a mission to go across the galaxy to give life. When they landed they found out that earth was very habitable with creatures, life, and atmosphere.  But, they soon found out that the creatures on this land were very destructive eating other creatures and destroying ecosystems. They knew they needed to do something fast or else earth would of have been destroyed. To do this, they had to give up going back home or have any communication with their homeland. The society thought about it for months to think what they want to do or any alternative plans. They thought for the best of the planet they would destroy the creatures on this planet with one meteor which will reset the ecosystems around the world giving to new live and intelligent creatures. So they prepped out for months to be ready to live their lives underground, building life support, machinery that would allow them to help this newly grown society when they needed help.  Once all prep were settled they have finally finished rebuilding their ship into a reset bomb, they all hid in their small enclosed room and set off the bomb. For 7 days and 7 nights, the world was going through destruction and growth simultaneously fixing itself and perfecting the wrongs of the creatures. El dor for those horrible days waited patiently in their small black room waiting for the day when finally earth is finally settled and ready to be built to par.  

Until one day their door opens, confused as they were, they welcomed this stranger in the room giving the stranger new ideas, wisdom, and knowledge about why they were down there. When the stranger finally left the room, he had an insight of what direction new mankind should follow. Building San Jose State right above this hidden room, giving this secret society some peace as he check up on them every year to seek their wisdom and also letting them know how the world outside is slowly getting better with their shared wisdom. He thanks them and gives them food and gift everytime he visits to show gratitude.