Elaine Chriselda Star

Elaine Star (born May 31st, 2006) was born in Wimbledon, North Dakota as an only child. At a young age she felt she needed to show the world her talent. Star told her parents she would move out on her own if they didn’t support her decision. They moved to New York City, NY in June 2008, where Star appeared in multiple commercial ads. Here Star earned her trademark role as the “potty princess” in the commercial for the number 1 selling potty training toilets in December 2008. She initiated a move to her long-time friend and agent, David Springstien (born October 18, 2007) for bigger roles, and they moved to Hollywood in March 2010.

Star earned 18 Clio awards in her lifetime and has been called the “greatest child commercial star ever known”. Star now 5 years of age is pursuing writing, directing and producing children’s commercials. Her family is back in Wimbledon on Star’s request so she can plan an acting career for her future younger brother or sister. Star currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with Springstien building a production company “Star Born”. Star has been working with Disney, Tim burton and Orson Welles personally for upcoming large scale productions. Casting disputes between the directors and Star have caused delay in any start date.

After building her production empire Star hopes to have many children’s books written about her so her parents can read them to her kids one day. She plans on graduating elementary school through the finest tutors in the world while continuing to work. Star’s parents continue to reside in Wimbledon, North Dakota awaiting orders from their daughter regarding their next business move or childbearing plans.