Elehamsters are rare and unique animals. They were discovered by a zoologist named Jack Jacks when he and his crew went to De Spectacula Jungle in South Africa to do a research in 2002. These animals cannot be found anywhere else around the world but at De Spectacula Jungle. There were only 3 of elehamsters discovered back then; today, there are a total of seven.

Elehamsters have soft and silky golden fur but very thick- skinned tails. Their tails are like the trunk of an elephant. They use their tails to drink water and also to fend off attackers. When attacked they release a large amount of water via their tails. They have two big green ears which are very flat and sensitive to noises. They can hear noises up to fifty seven meters away.

Elehamsters weigh from nine to thirteen pounds are about 75 inches long. The largest elehamster is weighed 13.1 pounds and measured 74.7 inches long. These animals are omnivores. They eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts to other small animals such as cats, birds, roosters, etc. Especially, they never eat rats. Elehamsters have thick, sharp, and pointy teeth that help them eat other animals; they also use their teeth to bite their predators.

Elehamsters live together in a cave, and they go out for food as a group. Every day, before the sun goes down, they form a circle and dance in front of their cave before going inside. They are never being seen to go out of their cave at night.

By: Viktoria Le