San Jose state has a building that happened to be the first elementary school ever built in San Jose. Long before San Jose state was even a university, the area around downtown, was nothing but farmland. Many Farmers children at that time were being homeschooled at the time, but it wasn’t up to California State Education standards. So they built a school for kids in grades kinder through fifth to come to this school and get a good level of education that they couldn’t get at home. The building was even one of the first schools in use a bell to let kids know when school was about to start, which was the reason for the Long tower on the side of the building. Over time vines grew on the school, San Jose became bigger and soon the property where the school was, was purchased for the purpose of making a new university where the elementary school was. However, when they were about to start constructing the new university, the current president was amazed at the history that took place in this building. He decided to not demolish the old building to make way for a new one. On the contrary, San Jose State University wanted to keep the building as a new place for higher learning. Once deciding this, they were able to add on to the building for a bigger lecture hall and hold much more students  ever before.