Who is Elsa you may ask? Have you ever felt a cold breeze like no other? Maybe even ice covered ground? Then you have probably been within a few feet of this Ice Queen and her rumored ice powers. Elsa was first reported by Hans Christen Anderson`s book called the "Ice Queen" back in 1937. For almost a hundred years she had not made any appearance until the year 2013 hit the world with a terrible ice storm. Disney, the company, was so infatuated with this ice age they made it into a hit movie titled "Frozen". This movie goes into grave detail about this old fashioned legend, that is Elsa.

Elsa, supposedly, is from Arendelle, a Norwegian town just southwest of the capitol. Elsa`s family, is an interesting one. She has a younger sister named Anna who is not reported to have any powers over the weather or anything else. Her parents, are supposedly, legends called King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. It is claimed that they were genuine people, but made little to no real appearance in the disney film. It is unclear, their true involvement with their daughters. Perhaps, that is why Elsa has "froze downs" where she instead of melting whens she stressed, freezes everybody. This behavior, in fact, is a big issue in this world, an unstable so called queen can not be the one projecting the weather based on her mood. We as people, need to get to the bottom of this, living in a world like this, is just unsafe and unpredictable. If she has another bad day, people can literally freeze over and die. We must think to ourselves. What can we do to help?