A pen that controls all types of emotion can help you create a master piece. Once you get have one of the Emo-pen is your possession, you will be ble to write to your heart content. With the Emo-pen, you can select an emotion that match with a certain color and use it to express your feelings into words. For example, if you are feeling angry or want to express the angriness into words, then select the red color from the Emo-pen and start writing. The best thing about this Emo-pen is that it fixes all your grammatical errors. This Emo-pen created when a group college student who was stressing about their writing skills and passed away due to extreme stress from writing. When they passed away, they transferred their souls into the Emo-pen and that came about the different colors and emotions on the pen. This Emo-pen was hidden at the lowest level in the King Library. A librarian founded this Emo-pen in a storage room where no one has been to in a while. As good as this Emo-pen sounds; there is a downside for the usage of this pen. For every color that is selected from the Emo-pen, the user has to give up that emotion. Once all colors have been selected, the user will be turned into an emotionless human being. All good things have their sacrifices; beware of offers or tools that will make your life easy.