The Emperor’s Remorse is an oval-shaped, gold framed mirror that belonged to the emperor of an ancient civilization. The mirror is roughly six feet tall and was made from a rare polished flat stone. Records from the civilization indicate that the mirror was capable of displaying the true character and intentions of those who happen to gaze into it. It revealed not only his or her sins but as well as any negative human emotions such as hatred, jealousy, resentment, and sorrow.


The mirror was said to have been crafted and blessed by the emperor’s oracle in order to allow him to judge the nature of his people. Initially, the mirror was used to distinguish the innocent from the criminals; however, the fearful emperor used its power to justify for his wrongful killings. This started a series of unjust murders in order to silence those who opposed him as a ruler and to acquire the deceased’s wealth and possessions. The emperor’s corruption was ultimately revealed when a servant examined the emperor’s reflection in the mirror and he was then executed by his own people.

Despite its usefulness, the content displayed in the mirror was often so horrifying that the civilians chose to bury it with their emperor’s corpse rather than use it. Over the years the mirror has become shrouded from the dirt and it can no longer serve its purpose.

Lilian Lam