Once upon a time there was an emperor who liked to wear new clothes. One day two swindlers went to see the emperor disguised as weavers and said they could make a cloth which no one in the world had ever seen. The emperor was pleased to give the swindlers a large sum of money, and asked them to make him a suit of cloth to wear on the day of the procession. Some days later, the emperor wanted to see how the cloth was being knitted. But what he, the minister and the bodyguard, saw was that there was not a single strand of silk on the loom. "this cloth," explained the swindler, "has not only a very beautiful design, but also a feature which is that very stupid people, or those whose ability does not suit his position, cannot be seen." The emperor, his ministers, and his servants did not want to be thought of as stupid, so they were all pleased to say, "this is the most beautiful cloth in the world! When the time came for the procession, the emperor took off his clothes and put on the new one, which did not actually exist, and Shared joy with the people in the street. All of them said, "how beautiful our emperor's new clothes are! There is no such beautiful, noble dress in the world! The emperor became more and more happy, but at his best, a little girl from the crowd suddenly cried out, "the emperor clearly has nothing on!" The cheering crowd whispered, "really, the emperor has nothing on." The grand parade became a national laughingstock.

This story tells us: vanity can never be satisfied, learn to control your own vanity, it is never too late to mend, from today I will be a satisfied person.

Zixian Huang