In May 2002 researchers discovered an animal in the depths of Brazil unlike any known species in the area. This creature has come to be known by the natives as The Encantador, which is Spanish for “Charmer.” For centuries, villagers told stories about a giant creature with piercing eyes that lured victims away into the forest.

It measures at least ten feet long and seven feet tall. This creature is virtually silent and almost impossible to find unless one searches for markings high up on trees. The Encantador possesses a lithe and hunter-like body similar to that of a leopard but it possesses a thicker coat of fur. The creature’s fur is short but has a vibrant red color similar to that of foxes.

The Encantador’s eyes are bright blue eyes seem to captivate whoever looks its way. These eyes make the creature an exceptional hunter at night. The Encantador has been known to lure villagers away with their enchanting eyes. Victims are dragged to the Encantador’s cave once they are lured away.

The creature primarily eats humans or large animals, but can occasionally snack on small animals like mice. It has the ability to jump to trees as high as telephone poles, but usually stays in its cave during the day. The creature appears to prefer cold damp places. Encantador hunting activity increases during the rain season, which causes local villagers to temporarily cease trading activities due to fear that they will encounter an Encantador. Studies are being conducted about this illusive creature in order to study its daily habits.

Jackelyn Koo

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