It is rumored that in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, lies the Enchanted Island. Travelers have said that this island is in between Hawaii and the USA. These travelers also claim that the Enchanted Island can be seen on the world map they used. It is speculated in published articles that the Enchanted Island is a paradise filled with flowers and hummingbirds. It is rumored that this island is just an addition to the islands of Hawaii, but publications have argued that it has nothing to do with any other islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Student, Vanessa Vasquez, claimed to have visited the Enchanted Island last summer. It has been rumored by students, like Vasquez, that the island is tiny and very hard to access. Since it has been claimed to be difficult to access, the Enchanted Island has not had many visitors. Internet blogs have claimed that it is too dangerous to arrive at the island. Discussions at schools have speculated that the Enchanted Island is a relaxing and marvelous get away.

Since there is a lack of travelers who successfully found the island due to its rumored dangers, there are not many eye witnesses who have experienced the claims of this marvelous island. It has been claimed on the internet that due to insufficient witnesses and information, the Enchanted Island can be argued to be a figment of the imagination.

-Marcia Dos Santos