Energryl is the brand name for an energy pill. It is owned by Johnson & Johnson, the same makers of Benadryl. However, the pill was created in California by Tynelol in 2010. It was then bought by Johnson and Johnson in 2011 for 120 million dollars.

Energryl is an over the counter medicine that is being marketed as a pill that will give you energy for 24 hours. The chief ingredients in Energryl are caffeine, thymine, power, and glucose. The recommended dosage for Energryl is one pill a day. This pill has been FDA approved, although the chief advisor of the FDA warned the public that it can be life threatening. The chief advisor of the FDA also recommended that it not be taken for 3 straight days. The advisor made this recommendation because he feared that people would suffer from lack of sleep and caffeine overload.

Johnson and Johnson’s sales for non-drowsy Energryl are much higher than their drowsy version. It is said that Johnson and Johnson has conducted a number of tests and have concluded that people do not like to be both drowsy and energized. The sales for non-drowsy Energryl were 50 million in 2012. This is a nine percent increase in revenue from 2011. The CEO of Johnson and Johnson expects Energryl to have sales of over 60 million in 2013 and 65 million in 2014. 

The CEO of Johnson and Johnson has also announced that the company is in the process of making a liquid form of Energryl. Production of Liquid Energryl is estimated to start in early 2014.

-Harvind Uppal

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