The Treasure of Enrique Sylvania

Enrique (En-ree-kay) Sylvania (sil-vah-knee-uh) was a Spanish conqueror in the early 1800’s.  He sailed from Europe in search of wealth and prosperous lands over the course of 20 years (1811-1831).  He conquered small towns all along the eastern coast of South and Central America using the Spanish fleet who had superior fire power and out-numbered the local tribesman.  After killing the men and stealing whatever wealth they head in each town he would leave a crew of men to govern their new towns if it was profitable.  Enrique was widely considered one of the most fearsome conquerors of the 1800’s and their Spanish roots today are still scattered all along the Eastern shoreline of South America. 

The hidden Treasure

Enrique Sylvania led these expeditions in order to send back wealth to the Spanish empire.  They found gold, silver and untold riches.  But after years of making the King of Spain untold wealth jealousy and greed began to overcome him.  So Enrique Sylvania and his band of conquerors decided not to go back to Spain they parked ship and settled somewhere in the Caribbean islands.  They used their treasure to trade back in fourth with the United States until a horrible hurricane came and wiped them all out.  Leaving most of their treasure hidden on the island, waiting for someone to find it.