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The “Land of Promise”, a sanctuary for the fallen soldiers of War between the planets Pathos and Earth; provides safe haven for the earth soldiers known as Spartans. Knowledge of this land has been spoken of through the ranks of Earths soldiers as a prior religious realm hosting priest and nuns in it’s cathedral like building structures. Its whereabouts are unknown to many since entry to this place requires a near death experience, or as Spartans called it a vision from God. It is said that should someone have such an experience they would see a bright light at the end of a tunnel, they would become drawn to it, but an Arch Angel would come to their rescue guiding them towards the gates of Valhalla. Upon the celestial plane between what we may conceive as real or fake, alive or dead; test shall be proposed in front of the warrior. The first test would be an exit exam, which they would have to fail on purpose if they wanted to stay. The second would be a recite of the journey that got them there, evidence for why they should be selected to stay in the “Land of Promise”; having to entertain the gatekeeper to keep him/her interested in having you move onto the final test. Because the “ Land of Promise” is mostly comprised of men/women who fought valiantly and without the expression of what they may fear, a test of wits is utilized as the final stage before entry. This test challenges an individual to be in the face of what or whom they fear even in the event of their inevitable demise.

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