Eugene Duffy (born in 14 Feb 1960) is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, computer programmer, and inventor.  Duffy is well known as the co-founder of Zeggett, the world’s largest wearable device charger company (the new devices are designed to gather the energy from body moving, and can charge a mobile device battery), with Sandy Lerner. He held the CEO position and chief electricity engineer, and was also the largest individual shareholder of the company. In 2013, He was ranked in the Forbes list of the 50 world’s wealthiest people, with an estimated network of $ 58 billion.

Early Life

Duffy was born in Short Hills, New Jersey, in a wealthy and upper class family. Duffy moved to Lawrenceville and lived with his maternal grandparents. Duffy’s grandfather was Jimmy Duffy, a retired president of Harvard University. Eugene Duffy then enrolled in Notre Dame high school and was at the top of his class. Duffy has a deep passion for mathematics and physics. Duffy graduated with honors from Notre Dame high school in 1978. With the perfect score of 1600 / 1600 on the SAT, Duffy attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and hold a Master of Science in computer science.


In 1982 while attending at the MIT, Duffy joined Etas Kappa Alpha fraternity and had opportunity working with successful high tech entrepreneur such as Joseph Alsop ( co-founder of Progress Software), and Robert Metcalfe (founder of 3Com and Ethernet).  Between 1983 and 1986, with the financial supporting of his parents, Duffy and Sandy Lerner (co-founder Zeggett, and co-founder Cisco system) started their own high tech device company. By April 2014, the Economic magazine ranked Zeggett is the third most value company on the world with a valuation of over $ 385 billion USD.

Jessica Florey