A revolution of branded shoes called Evo had been introduced into the consumer market on September 4, 2016. These shoes come in a variety of colors and styles are sold in Europe, Australia, and Asia. It is announced that they will be made available in the U.S. by December 2016. The Evo shoes are resilient and can be used up to 100 years with no wear or tear. They have been tested on many different surfaces all around the globe to enhance their resilient features.

Dr. Martin Hammer had developed a new technology that fabricates shoes to not only protects the users feet but also adapt to the environment that it comes in contact with. It reads and learns how a user walks in order to change the sole to adapt accordingly to what exercise the user is doing or what surface the user is on. If a user is sitting, the shoes will loosen up to relieve any pressure on the users’ feet. If the user is running, the shoes will create a cushion effect that will maximizes the performance of the strides per second.

Evo shoes will read whatever surface it comes in contact with and change its bottom surface so it strives much easier in that area. On grass, the bottom of the shoes will release spikes that are known to grip onto the surface more easily. These shoes are used by soccer players due to the fact that their shoes are replaced less frequently and walking off the soccer fields, the shoes will evolve back to its original form that helps preserve the spikes inside it. On sandy surface, the shoes will become light weight, creating a feeling of flip flops that can be used to stroll down the beach. These shoes are available for a price of $1500 USD.