Aliens, an extraterrestrial life is also called a form of alien life (or if it is a foreign entity or complex individual),it is life occurred beyond Earth and is not originated from Earth. Aliens have been deeply expressed as existing creatures who have walked the Earth at some point in time. Many have fabricated the term Alien and have been hunting them for many decades. A hypothetical life form of Aliens ranges from bacteria to humanity. The concept of extraterrestrial life created a huge impact on science fiction and cultural beliefs of whether their existence is authentic or fictitious. Science fiction expressed ideas and developed a wide range of possibilities to influence the public interests and aspects of alien life.

Aliens can be identified as foreign identities, also known as grey tall figures with immense dark eyes and an oddly shaped head. Their spaceships are widely used as the the term UFO, unidentified flying object. Rumors are highly believed the first UFO sighting was located at Area 51. A large round foreign object with bright colorful lights appeared in the sky with no identification. It is concluded Area 51 was where humans and aliens breached contact and developed high technology through their intelligence and resources. The evidence of aliens walking amongst the earth is slowly elevating for decades. The year 2017 is established as the convincing year that other life forms exist beyond our planet. Within the entire universe, it is shown that there are more than just humans and the solar system. Extraterrestrial is no longer a conspiracy or a theory. According to recent studies, researchers believe there are other existing entities beyond our planet. In June, a European Space Agency are investing a "$668 million mission" in search of exotic and foreign creatures or life forms 932,000 miles into space (


Leanna Phung